Kaspersky Labs Launched World’s First Free IoT Device Security Scanner

The world’s famous Russian security-technology giant Kaspersky has created the world’s first free IoT device scanner. This application, which is known as Kaspersky IoT Scanner, is aimed at providing security for the smart devices in smart homes and offices. The application is free, in beta mode, and currently available on Android platform.  Kaspersky IoT device scanner scans IoT-powered smart devices using the domestic Wi-Fi network inside the home and warns the user on his/her smartphone about possible threats, as well as the current security level.


The rapid growth of IoT industry, as is already been described by numerous notable analytics, has also opened up another competitive market:  The IoT software industry. Big players of the software industry are now starting to consider providing software to support the massively growing IoT infrastructure globally. The entrance of Kaspersky with a free device scanner invites more and more competition with the other leading security technology companies who, as clearly expected, must be eyeing opportunities in Internet of Things as well.


“The good thing about all this is that the major software developers have started to target the fragile issue of IoT security.”  Clovis Lacerda, Founder of Parlacom Telecommunicationsy.


Obviously, the rapidly growing IoT technology is not without its quota of cyber criminals. Some of the recent attacks being made on IoT-connected things have clearly shown the potential of devastation that can be caused by such unethical onslaughts. In such critical times for IoT industry, the arrival of Kaspersky IoT device scanner is nothing less than a divine blessing (at least for now).


The operation of Kaspersky free IoT device scanner is quite straight forward to understand: The application automatically monitors smart “Home” devices such as CCTV cameras, internet routers, NAS devices, computers, laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, Smart Fridges, connected printers and much more on the home network.  The application memorizes all of the devices under scrutiny and warns the user anytime an unauthorized access is detected on his home network.


Furthermore, the application scans for weak points in the connected devices in order to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit. And if this is not enough for a smart home/office owner, Kaspersky IoT Device Scanner also notifies the main user about the strength of the passwords of such crucial devices like Wi-Fi routers or other main internet gateways.


Therefore, considering all these functionalities, and also the fact that the application is in a beta testing mode right now, one may easily realize the important role such kind of apps are going to play soon in near future.  We are quite hopeful that the security issues that are too much hyped about IoT technology will now be dealt with, one by one and effectively as well.

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