TPC Gave Standard Benchmark For All IoT Gateways

The latest big happening (and advancement) in the IoT industry has just happened: The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has announced the globally standard benchmarking for IoT gateways as well. The new benchmarking protocol known as TPCx-IoT is IoT’s first ever global benchmark standard. The motive of TPC to introduce TPC Express Benchmark ™ is to monitor and thoroughly measure the performance-related issues of all IoT gateways. An IoT gateway holds immense importance in a successful IoT deployment cycle. For both the B2C and B2B organizations, having a concrete control and high performance over the gateway protocols of their IoT devices are a sure way to providing top class service, and to obtain legit success with their IoT deployments.


You might be wondering what really is the role of an IoT gateway? Well, an IoT gateway system is a data-transferring unit located between the connected IoT devices and the central data, or commanding center. Without a safe and high-performing IoT gateway, no IoT service or project can become a success. Therefore, the importance of securing our IoT gateways and benchmarking them for the utmost performance is perhaps the first great step taken to take IoT industry a step forward from its current position.


The TPCx-IoT benchmark is programmed in such an eloquent way that it will considerably provide data managers and analysts with the important verifiable information pertaining to IoT gateway performance, the authenticity of real-time collected data, and commercially existing market metrics.  The core of all this is the vast amount of data that will go hither and tither through these IoT gateways, and if they are performing supremely, the data will never be compromised on any ground.


“This value-addition benchmarking standard introduced by the TPC organization has taken the IoT industry on a whole new level of acceptance, a level from where this amazing and rapidly establishing industry will never look back again,” expresses an optimistic Mr. Clovis Lacerda of Parlacom Brazil, a mobile IoT/M2M software provider.


The creation of such fundamentally-supportive elements for the enhancement, advancement, and augmentation of the Internet of Things ensures all but a slowing down industry. And additionally, with such improvisations being at hand, IoT is sure to make it to the expected growth ratio predicted by well-known technological research firms.


The TPC Express Benchmark™ IoT will be a continues 24/7/365 service which will keep on scrutinizing IoT gateways, and provide the data control centers to efficiently access/evaluate a variety of system-related implementation approaches and network-based topologies. In a quite efficient manner, the companies both in B2C and B2B sector will be able to utilize and provide high-quality IoT services that will successfully face the existing security and performance related problems. We are quite sure with this speed of innovation; IoT will also successfully face the challenges that might come along in the future years as well. For now, let’s get involved and celebrate the new success of IoT industry with open arms.

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