Connected Cars: The Future of Road Safety | Guest Blog of The Week

Connected Car's Control Panel - Parlacom BR

Our “Guest Blog of The Week” pick for this week is an insightful infographic on the future of road safety with the arrival of connected cars and other vehicles. Crafted by the owner of Woodstock Motors UK, Mark Dressekie, here are some cool & noteworthy facts/realities about the future of our road and vehicles.

A Visual Tour of Parlacom’s Booth at Futurecom 2019 Event

Take a visual tour of how Parlacom’s Brazil office team has fared up at the Futurecom 2019 technology event in São Paulo, Brazil.

Meet us at Futurecom 2019 in São Paulo Expo, São Paulo, Brazil!

Futurecome 2019

Its time to rise and shine – Futurecom 2019 is underway in São Paulo Expo, São Paulo, Brazil, and we are officially inviting you to our booth in the IOT4 section.

AI for IIoT: How Artificial Intelligence Will Take Industrial Internet of Things to New Heights

How AI enhances IIoT

So, how IIoT differs from traditional industrial format? & how AI will help to aggravate its performance more? Let us try to find out in this in-depth insight.

4 Common Areas for Supply Chain Improvement (News)

4 Common Areas for Supply Chain Improvement (News)

Supply chain management is one of those areas that are most impacted by data & IoT analytics. Read 4 major areas of the supply chain that are most impacted.