4 Common Areas for Supply Chain Improvement (News)

4 Common Areas for Supply Chain Improvement (News)

Supply chain management is one of those areas that are most impacted by data & IoT analytics. Read 4 major areas of the supply chain that are most impacted.

Global Big Data (Power Sector) Market Report 2019: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle & Others

Global Big Data (Power Sector) Market Report 2019

This comprehensive research report will evaluate the current market size of Big Data in the Power Sector, including with major firms in this niche.

How Smart Homes Take Over The World (Infographic) | Guest Blog of The Week


In our “Guest Blog of The Week” series for this week, we share Ana Bera’s – co-founder SafeatLast – insights on how smart homes are taking over the traditional abode.

Smart City & Environment: How IoT-Smart City Combo Can Solve Environmental Issues

Smart city & eco-friendliness with IoT

With a perfect combo of IoT & smart city processes, our fight against environmental issues will take a whole new turn. Smart cities can be made 100% eco-friendly.

Mirai Botnet Attacks & Security Status of IoT in 2019

Mirai Malware & the State of Security in IoT

Recent Mirai botnet attacks highlight challenges for IoT integrity, as well as forcing us to reflect on where IoT stands in terms of security in the year 2019.