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e-health E-health is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for physicians and healthcare providers around the globe. One of the best ways to improve the overall quality of healthcare is with the assistance of M2M Healthcare solutions.

Now that the baby boomer generation has become senior citizens, it means that the demands on the healthcare system have never been higher. Most medical facilities across the country are maxed out with patients and most healthcare officials feel that they're overworked. Parlacom has developed an M2M solutions customized for the healthcare industry and that can make a world of difference. Not only does it relieve some of the burden healthcare professionals feel, but it also improves the accuracy of patient care.

Using M2M communications eliminates the waiting period that can be so problematic in healthcare. Instead of letting a patient suffer while the staff waits for the appropriate expert to show up and make a diagnosis, the M2M application makes a diagnosis possible even in parts of the world where they don't have professionals with the experience with a specific medical situation. The same program also allows the patient's regular physician to monitor the patient's condition while they travel or are at home.

M2M systems have been effectively used in managed care facilities, and been particularly helpful with the care of Alzheimer's patients. The Ontario Health Program reports that M2M healthcare applications saved their prescription drug programs millions of dollars.

At Parlacom, we understand that providing top quality healthcare has become a worldwide challenge. Learn more about our custom M2M healthcare solutions and gain the ability to deliver wireless data anywhere in the world. This technology can save lives and improve the quality of healthcare, even in third world countries.