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M2M Messaging

During the last decade, M2M messaging has changed the way people communicate. It has never been easier to remind your husband to pick up some milk or to let your boss know that an important presentation is complete. Unfortunately, some mobile carriers charge outrageous fees for M2M messaging services. You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy the convenience of M2M technology! At Parlacom, we make M2M messaging affordable for everyone with our customized pricing plans.
SMS Gateway Services Are Perfect for Business SMS Gateway services are the perfect choice for businesses. Our unique SMS Gateway services give you the option to choose a solution that will be customized for your specific needs. We reject the one-size-fits-all mentality and work with our customers to design customized M2M solutions for their individual needs.
Short Codes Make Communication Simple! Parlacom uses unique Short Codes for each customer. With an added SMPP connection to an existing Parlacom SMS Gateway, the setup allows for devices to deliver messages back to the customer's application server. Additionally, application servers can communicate back to the on-field devices using SMS services.

All communications between application servers and devices is a closed network route. This means you receive highly reliable and rapid message origination and termination between a customer's devices and their application server.

Our SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) 3.4 protocols are designed to work in a corporate setting and provide totally reliable communication between mobile devices.

ParlaCom SIM Cards SIM to SIM Messaging Parlacom SIM messaging was designed with the capability to support SMS MO (Mobile Originate) and SMS MT (Mobile Terminate) messages. This means that you can use Parlacom SIMs to interact with third party GSM and CDMA devices as well as another Parlacom SIM.

Every Parlacom SIM comes with a pre-assigned phone number ready to send and receive messages. This feature comes with a standard purchase of Parlacom M2M data services and requires no additional services or custom interconnect services.

Assign Virtual Numbers for Inter-Carrier Message Service (ICMS) Parlacom assigns your device a virtual number for Inter-Carrier Messaging Services (SMS messages sent and received with third party networks). Using the virtual phone number, the customer's application can send and receive SMS messages to any other wireless network spread across diverse geographical regions. This makes communication much easier no matter where you are located. What Does it Cost? We work hard to keep our M2M messaging affordable, whether you need very basic services or have more complex needs for a large business.


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