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LeadingQuest LLC

LeadingQuest is Parlacom's partner company. With 10 years of experience providing high tech internationally, LeadingQuest provides call center and IP PBX solutions, MVNO's and M2M chip management, among other solutions.

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Cloud-based M2M Platform

Learn what can you do with a cloud-based M2M platform and find out the benefits for your business

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cloud-based platform


Learn about Parlabox, a high performance corporate IP PBX, its functionalities and advantages.

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cloud-based m2m

The Benefits of Cloud-based M2M Platform

Machine­to­machine technology (M2M) is all about people and machines. This is a time where communication is driven by machines, particularly consumer devices communicating with people and other devices. Discover how you can leverage M2M in your business.

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android development

Android Software Development | The Popular Choice

Android application development is one of the leading industries in the android market. This market is still growing daily as millions of devices search for newer and better applications that made available on Google Play. Find out why Android is such a popular choice and how you can take advantage of its growing, diverse ecosystem.

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ip pbx

Datelo: The Virtual PBX That You Can Trust    

Virtual PBX phone systems make things simple for all your telephony needs, whether you have a small business, medium­sized or an enterprise. It transforms an old system into an incredibly useful one to make your business platforms easier than ever, thus allowing you to reap the benefits. Learn to choose the right solution for your office phone system.

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IP PBX Whitepaper | Telling Your Success Story     

It will be very expensive for your customers all over the world to call you if your office is based in another country. And because of that, customers end up choosing other companies that are much easier to get in touch. Here's how you can leverage IP PBX systems for you business and let your customers reach you, wherever they are in the world.

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virtual PBX

Virtual Call Center A Revolutionary Way of Interacting With Customers     

Typically, a Call Center is a physical space where customer calls are routed and handled by an organization, which is capable of answering a certain number of calls at a time. Learn how Virtual Call Centers provide a practical approach in handling your company's customer service needs.

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m2m enterprise

M2M Messaging At A Glance     

M2M Messaging is one of the M2M services that allows automated machines to communicate and send messages to each other or to other devices, with less or no human intervention. It is utilized by companies in creating solutions that address specific needs in M2M deployment. Learn more.

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managed data center' style=

Leveraging Parlacom's Managed Data Center    

The Managed Data Center Services market has greatly gained importance in the more recent years, primarily due to the adoption of cloud­based platforms and the successful deployment of cloud­based services. Today, Small to Medium­size Enterprises are manifesting great interest in the outsourcing of their IT services to third­party vendors.

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