Creation of New Registrations

In This topic you will be shown how to create a new registration within MVNO. First you will need to access the system using your login and password. Once this is Done, you will select the New User option, as shown below: To Create a new registration, simply fill in the following information. Fields with (*) are required for completion. Below is a more objective example for creating a new user:

  1. Login may contain numbers and letters, but cannot contain symbols. Remembering that once you create the login, it cannot be changed later, unlike the other options.
  2. The Password can contain numbers, letters, symbols and can be changed whenever you want.
  3. Email
  4. Social Reason;
  5. Fancy Name;
  6. Address
  7. City
  8. State
  9. CEP
  10. Earphone

To complete the registration, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit option. The registration will be more complete if the information below is also fulfilled:

  1. Billing: It Will be the day that the chips will be reset with the full balance and billed monthly.
  2. Extra Days: The "Extra days" field mentioned in the registration refers to the due date on the Boleto, after the invoice is generated. Example. 10 extra days for an invoice generated on day 01, means that the salary of the billet will be on day 11.
  3. Billing: This option applies to issuing invoices for a given customer. If The Yes option is checked, it means that invoices and billing will be generated. However, if the customer is in the testing phase, and the invoice is not generated by now, simply select the No option.
  4. Change Password: This option applies to the immediate change of password after the first login of the client. To Do This, simply select the Yes option. If a password is predefined and you do not need the client to change, simply select No.

To complete the registration, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit option. To Place the user as admin: Enter The Register: 1-Click on the padlock; 2-Select The admin option and click Submit: Do you Need any help? Is there any doubt about our system and its functionalities? We Are on hand to help with your needs by phone, email, Skype and Whatsapp.