How to Filter the All Simcards Report by Carrier

In This topic will be shown how to filter the report of all data chips per carrier registered in our system. To get filtered information from the "All Simcards per carrier" report in MVNO, simply follow the following instructions: Access MVNO with your login and password, go to Start. Next, you'll get options for generating reports at the bottom of the page, as shown below: In the "Report" field, you will choose the "List of all simcards per carrier" option. And just below, in the "Operator" field you will choose the desired carrier. The "CSV Only" option should be checked for the report to be generated via the downloadable file link. The options should look similar to the image below: Once this is Done, you will click on "Submit", so that the system can display the download link of the desired file. The name "Download CSV" Will appear according to the image below: Click "Download CSV" to download the report in question. It will come in CSV format, compatible with spreadsheet applications such as Excel. by Getting the spreadsheet, you will open with the spreadsheets application, such as Excel. In it you have the columns (Operator, User, Simcard, IMEI, Monthly, Wholesale, Credit, Consumption 60 days, consumption 30 days, consumption 0 day, Monthly Traffic, Date Activation, IP, ICCID, Balance, Consumption, Last Connection, Description, Pinmaster, Description of Plan, Status). Below is the step-by-step of how to perform the filters in Excel: 1 Select The row that contains the headings of each column as shown in the following image 2 With the selected line, you will enter the "filter" option that is on the "Home Page" > "Sort and Filter" As shown in the following image 3 After the filter is applied, you will notice an additional icon in each column. This means that you can filter the desired information for each column. In the image below, the option in the "description" column was selected, as an example. 4 It contains several filter options. You can filter, for example, alphabetically from "A to Z" to appear in ascending order the information and vice versa, outside the most diverse filter options. The Search Filter is the most widely used, if you are looking for a specific information, as shown below: Need some help? Is there any doubt about our system and its functionalities? We Are on hand to help with your needs by phone, email, Skype and Whatsapp.