Services Menu-SIMCARDS

In This topic will be shown the use of the Service Menu in MVNO of Parlacom: When accessing MVNO with your user and password and going to Services, opens a new page where the search buttons will appear according to your desired filtering. Each field with your button, as shown below: However, if you want to combine these filters and have a cleaner layout, you can ask our technical support to have all the buttons replaced by a single SEARCH button, as shown below. : When filling any of the fields (CallerID, Plan, ICCID, Activation, Description, Credit, Inactivity, Group or Consumption) simply select the SEARCH option, which the system will return with the desired result.   Do you Need any help? Is there any doubt about our system and its functionalities? We Are on hand to help with your needs by phone, email, Skype and Whatsapp.