Update the ICCID For the Same Batch Line Numbers

In This topic will be shown how is the procedure of updating the ICCID to the same line numbers already registered in MVNO. It Is common for a particular customer to request cancellation of services, but not to return the chips to their vendor. With This, the vendor holds the line numbers, but no longer has the simcards for an installation on other customers. In This case, it requests the replacement in the carrier, which means acquisition of new chips, but registered in existing lines that are not being used for the informed reason. With the procedure completed by the carrier, the next step is to update the numbers printed on the chips, known as ICCID. To do this, simply log in to the system with your login and password, and then go to the Services option. But before we update, we need to first create a CSV file, so we can export to the system. To do this, you should open a new file in Notepad, and then enter the number of chips that will have their respective updated ICCIDs, as follows: 55 + DDD + number | New ICCID Below An example: Done this, save the file <nome da="" empresa="">_admin_ Changeiccid. csv, where the company name is the name of your company as it is registered.</nome> Once this is done, the following procedure will be done in MVNO:

  1. Go to the Batch Processing option;
  2. Check the option <nome da="" empresa="">_admin_changeiccid. csv, which is precisely the file saved previously;</nome>
  3. Select the file on your machine;
  4. Clicking Batch Process: Click here to upload and process your CSV file;

Once this is Done, a new confirmation window will appear with the upload, name and file size. This means that the file was exported correctly. At This time, just wait until about 5 minutes for the file in question to start processing and inserting into the system. The more ICCID's to change, the longer the processing time.   Do you Need any help? Is there any doubt about our system and its functionalities? We Are on hand to help with your needs by phone, email, Skype and Whatsapp.