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Adopting IoT tools for the retail environment allows customers to interact both directly and indirectly with everything in the store. This presents incredible business opportunities. It can be daunting trying to step into the IoT space, though, and that fact keeps many businesses from embracing a lucrative transformation. But, with the right steps, there is literally no limit to the number of benefits a retail business can leverage from IoT technology.

In this week’s “Guest Blog of the Week” entry, we are sharing the highly insightful article on IoT’s role in the retail industry from Erpin News.  So, let’s examine three of the biggest opportunities IoT technology presents for the retail environment, and how to capitalize on them, in the full feature published at Erpin News. Click the official link below:




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Marketing Manager | Parlacom Telecommunications
Shazia Ahmed is the Marketing Manager for Parlacom™ Telecommunication. She has a deep interest in technology (specifically IoT). Shazia Ahmed occasionally contributes insightful blogs to the subsidiary of LeadingQuest LLC (parent company of Parlacom™), as well as on other technology blogs on the web. Connect with Shazia to know more about her interests and expertise.
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