How IoT is Helping IT Service Providers


The Internet of Things might have found its footing just recently, but it has already started to teach and open up new areas of exploration for IT services providers. The extravagant amount of convenience, both for the customers and the IT businesses, as well as efficiency, intelligence, and automation; with the existing favors that IoT technology has been showering on various industries the futuristic proposition seems to be more fruitful then the current, and IT industry is just among many at the receiving end. However, the topic might confuse first-time readers on IoT, or even the intermediate ones in some cases, because IoT is a product that is born out of the IT industry itself; how can IoT bring benefit and augments the industry from which it is originated itself? Well, let me tell you how, and eradicate your state of confusion for good.


The Many Facets of Information Technology Services -:




According to the list presented on The Balance, Information Technology covers the widest range of services we have today. Even though not all of them will be shaped by IoT technology, but still several will be greatly enhanced amongst them. Some of the major ones are as follows:


  • Analytics
  • Application Development
  • Architecture
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Coding
  • Communication
  • Customer Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Storage
  • Database Administration
  • Flexibility
  • Smart Intelligence


However, don’t forget that this list is far from being a complete one; this is to just give you an idea of some main IT services where IoT is going to play a vital role, and there is more to this story of great “digital revolution” that is at hand. Now, allow me to relate to you how IoT is helping IT services providers in the above-given list of services (not all of them of course 😊).


IoT & Cloud Computing –:


Cloud technology


As usual, cloud computing is also used in various ways right now. However, the topmost applications are undoubtedly for online data storage and information transfer using the remote internet-based servers and protocols. That is where IoT also comes onto the scene. Cloud firms that are deploying, or experimenting, with IoT-powered sensors, machines, and handheld devices to facilitate cloud-based manufacturing is one of the great ways in which IoT is advancing the possibilities of cloud services, especially in the corporate sector.


The “Big Data” Industry -:




Big Data” is not only core to IoT and the IT services providers, but the new technological revolution of IoT is also greatly enhancing the big data universe. Firstly, IoT is a continues framework that keeps on transferring data from one connected device to another; consider the amount of data when the IoT-powered devices will be in billions, as predicted here on Norton.  Therefore, IT providers will be left with no other option than to upgrade data storage technologies on a level that perfectly suits the gigantic changes brought on by IoT for the data industry.

IoT & The “Smart” Intelligence -:


smart technology


One more great impact of IoT has been recognized by IT providers worldwide, and that is about making everyday technology, services, and products smarter and intelligent. As you might have been aware of, these days there is much hype about the “smart” technology: Smart Home, Smart Offices, Smart Vehicles, Smart Appliances, and many others in “smart” tech. For example, IT service providers are central in proffering proper smart home automation facility where every connected home appliance works intelligently and smartly, based on the smart analyzation of user’s preferences. IoT is what makes it all possible behind the scenes, providing both the user and IT firm the framework on which all of the automated operations carry on.


Final Words …

Well, I certainly cannot write on all of the services as this will take up a huge amount of time and resources, which I believe will be an insult to easy-process making IoT of these days. Have you used, or are using, IoT in any of the above-mentioned sections of IT or others? I would very much like to hear your experiences as well.

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