These Aren’t Just Bogus Hypes: Major IoT Predictions for 2019

While IoT technology originated back in the 80s, it is only in the mid of 2010s when the full potential of this revolutionary technology has surfaced. According to an article published at Customer Think, the IoT market is expected to worth $475 billion by 2020, in which three main sectors will be able to reap maximum rewards: healthcare, industrial, and smart cities. So, from that simple Internet-enabled alarm clock in our bedroom to the biggest machines operating in industries, IoT has now become the core controller & management system for all the devices lies between them and beyond. If you are already shoulder-deep in the IoT sphere and want to get ahead of the curve, it is best in your favor to keep an eye open about some important happenings predicted for IoT in 2019. Here they are!






IoT Infrastructure is Expanding like a Universe -:

If there is any obdurate truth about IoT technology, it is about the ferociously fast expansion of its infrastructure. Research done by Statista showed that there were about 23.14 billion devices operated via IoT in 2018, which is a 30% up from the 20.35 billion devices in 2017. This definitely points to the fact that IoT technology will continue to immerse into more and more sectors in 2019 and beyond. And ultimately, every kind of business and trade soon has to succumb to this enormous digital revolutionary technology in the coming years; if you are not yet acquainted about the ways on how you can leverage from IoT for your business, let Parlacom helps you get the picture very neat and clear.



Tightening Security at The End-Points

A Tightening Security at The End-Points -:

With almost every internet-powered technology comes the risk of security as well, and IoT is definitely not an exception to this as well. Symantec says that one of the most vulnerable IoT-powered devices are the most minor ones found everywhere: door locks, fridges, AC, HVAC, lighting, windows, etc. These devices that we most commonly use are known as end-point devices (serving at customer end) and can be quite prone to unethical attacks by cybercriminals. In 2019, increased and efficient security infrastructure for end-point IoT devices will be one of the top 3 major considerations for all IoT service providers around the globe. While there are some effective ways with which both the data and connected-devices can be protected, Parlacom already provides its clients with the best encryption technologies to protect the connected M2M and IoT system of devices; find out how over here!



IoT Will be the King of Manufacturing

IoT Will be the King of Manufacturing -:

While IoT remains a major influence on most of the industrial sectors, its impact on the manufacturing and product supply chain is the most imminent. Saurabh Chaturvedi of HCL has neatly described the revolutionary impact IoT is freely pouring on both the manufacturing and product supply chain processes, respectively.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) has had a major impact on the manufacturing industry. The inter-reliability of sensors, equipment, machines, lines, processing units, plants, materials, containers, transportation, buildings, computers, software, cloud technology, mobile devices, people, departments, companies, and processes is helping achieve innovative results, and drive value in manufacturing.

(Source: “IoT Impact on Manufacturing,” Saurabh Chaturvedi – Deputy General Manager HCL)


Are you a manufacturer? If so, you should better consider empowering your manufacturing process, and the product supply chain as well, with the revolutionary enhancements which IoT brings to the table for both. Don’t know how to convert the entire procedure and how it will benefit you? Ask the experts at Parlacom right now!

Final Words …

Do you now fully comprehend the important role which IoT technology is going to play in 2019? Well, the above-mentioned predictions, or more appropriately said an overview of IoT in 2019, are just the most fundamental ones which we think will be the key influencers in IoT sphere throughout 2019; there is more to the IoT story in the year 2019 as can be read here on “IoT for All.” In the end, whether you are ready or not, IoT is coming to overwhelm you and it will be much better if you prepare your business to get improved by it in time instead of getting shocked by the transformation. Happy New Year 2019!

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