5 Key Points To Take From Internet of Things World 2017

We have just passed through the Internet of Things World 2017 event which was held at Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, United States. This event is one of those in the IoT community around the world which attracts global innovators and entrepreneurs in the IoT field. Internet of Things World is also an event where IoT leaders and fresh beginners in this industry meet – one to learn and other to explore – which makes this event perfect to know about the future and the current state of IoT Industry. So, without a further delay, let us introduce you to the 5 key trends you should look for in the IoT world moving on in 2017.

# 1: IoT Security Is The Biggest Concern In 2017 -:


Just a while ago the world has experienced one of the most brutally global ransomware attacks in the history of the web, known as “WannaCry”. According to a recent report published by the renowned MacAfee Securities, “WannaCry” infected over 250, 000 systems in over 150 countries around the globe. Most of the victims to this mega ransomware attack belongs to the corporate sector.

security is a major IoT concern


Besides, in one of our LinkedIn-exclusive articles, we have also discussed why an IoT security breach can be dangerous? Therefore, coupled with some complex cyber-attacks in the recent years, almost all of the IoT community from around the globe is convinced on making tighter security protocols for IoT devices.


# 2: IoT Will Become More Diverse Onwards -:


IoT with all

Another thing that Internet of Things World 2017 event has clearly confirmed is the growing interest in the diverse application of IoT technology. “We have seen people talking about applying IoT in cellular, the blockchain, medical supply chain, LPWAN, and various other technologies for the benefit of all,” says Clovis Lacerda, Founder of Parlacom Telecommunications Brazil, a monumental IoT/M2M solutions provider in South America.

Therefore, it is quite understandable that to stay ahead in the IoT arena, one needs to attain an ultimate competitive edge over numerous other hungry and equally eager IoT solutions providers. Any IoT company must need to find the best spot for themselves in the ever-growing IoT ecosystem, and ensure their mastery over it in order to sustain in the coming days.


# 3: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Be The Key Driver For IoT -:


AI and IoT together“IoT is used to connect things” has become an outdated statement after going through the major trends from this year’s Internet of Things World event. The new terminology is this: IoT will join hands with AI to make those very same connected things “smarter” to work on their own.

Machine learning to enhance machine-to-machine functionality via AI is one of the key takeaways for any beginner IoT entrepreneur this year. Those firms that will focus on developing AI-powered IoT solutions will surely going to gain an upper edge in the IoT industry. Parlacom Brazil has envisioned to introduce innovative AI-powered IoT/M2M solutions in the biggest country in South America.


# 4: IoT Will Become More Customer-Based -:


IoT customer based trendOne of the rising trends in IoT spectrum on which every startup and large companies are focusing is how to make IoT more favorable to customers. With that being said, IoT solution providers are stressing on making the technology more aligned to the demands and expectations of the customers, rather than focusing wholly on developing B2B solutions. Therefore, IoT firms who are seeking to expand their operations must rely on developing IoT solutions which literally helps and promotes “easiness” in the daily life of a common man.


# 5: IoT Is Better Working In A Coordinated Mode -:


“It is important for all of us in the IoT ecosystem to know where we stand, and how we can join hands to develop a complete IoT solution for the customers out there,” says Mr. Lacerda of Parlacom Telecommunications Brazil. If there is one thing about which everyone is 100% sure is the diverse role which IoT is going to play in the very near future.

It has been thoroughly argued and agreed upon (in general) at Internet of Things World 2017 that all of the partners in the IoT field should need to join hands and develop a perfect IoT solutions for customers, engulfing software, hardware, and precise connectivity.

IoT technology to become better with combined efforts

So, these were the 5 key takeaways for an IoT enthusiast from this year’s Internet of Things World conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA. Hopefully, in the next few years, we will see a dramatic change in the IoT industry which will enhance the impact IoT will make in our lives. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and get ready to see a more diverse and enhanced version of IoT in the coming times.

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