How IoT & Supply Chain Is Transforming In 2017

If we go just two years back in time, the words like “IoT” and “M2M” used to spread less enthusiasm but more intimidation. IoT, or Internet of Things, begin its journey as a concept involving a variety of connected smart devices throughout our homes, and even our clothes. In the earlier days, only a handful of people were intelligent enough to successfully grasp the importance and relevance of this mega technology trend for the future; for the rest of the lot, the idea was largely scary and unexplored. But here we are now, in the year 2017 when IoT and M2M (Machine to Machine) technologies are raging at the top of their potential, with a wholesome future prediction as well. In just two years’ time period, IoT and M2M moved forward by huge leaps and bounds.

IoT has been greatly shaping the industrial sector by transforming industrial operations, after-sales service, products, and most importantly the supply chain. According to the words of Parlacom, a Brazilian IoT/M2M service provider: “The incoming of such kinds of technological elements in industrial section like wireless connectivity, sensors, highly sophisticated information portals, and software; all of this combined boosted and improvised the way industries used to manage their process, which further resulted in a better and efficient product/customer service.” Parlacom IoT/M2M Brazil has seen a huge rise in this transformation between IoT & supply chain in 2017 more than ever before.

Based on the current rapid transformation of IoT technology, experts have opened up their eyes and predicted that there are only good days ahead for IoT devices and the M2M services. For example, The Business Insider reports in its statistics for the future adoption of IoT will go up from 10 billion devices in 2015 to around 34 billion by 2020.

The reason for such mass adoption, as we know partly; but there is an additional fact also involved such as cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and overall improvisation of services. Therefore, being among one of the pioneers of the industry, Parlacom Brazil believes that the IoT combined with M2M technology is going to dominate the whole industrial supply chain. Industries that are rapidly transforming their infrastructure and adopting the technologies have higher chances of increase and growth in coming years.

Parlacom Brazil: One Of The Most Recognized IoT & M2M Solutions Provider In South America

Parlacom Brazil has been one of the top choices for the Brazilian industrial sector when it comes to IoT and M2M solutions. We take pride in our state-of-the-art technology services and the way we serve the demands of our valued clients. Parlacom Brazil provides a plethora of services for your business in IoT/M2M section that will make management easier and product/service more efficient for your customers. We are following the standard practices and high-quality trends to ensure that you get the best for your IT related infrastructure. Interested in knowing more about us? Check out our website here: Parlacom Brazil

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