The Time For Practical “IoT” Has Arrived

Well, it’s been quite a while since the hype around, and about the potential of IoT, has been raging like a wild fire across the global technological powerhouses. However, the good news is that the time has arrived for all of those types to get implemented practically. Yes! Engineers from the key players in IoT industry are now considering taking the very first steps and launching IoT in “practical” mode for both consumer and enterprise users.

“Major firms in the IoT playground are now scrutinizing the technical difficulties, and developing real-time solutions at hand, for both consumer and enterprise market, and these initiatives will make all the glorious predictions about IoT come to true in near future,” says Mr. Clovis Lacerda, founder of Parlacom Brazil, an IoT firm itself.

As Mr. Lacerda suggested, the technical difficulties which IoT firms are facing in order to implement the technology as envisioned really requires highly logical and practical solutions, in the first place. According to a research-based article published in EE Times, the all-around hype surrounding the immense growth of IoT in billions of devices, as predicted by such reputable technology firms like Cisco, won’t even come close to the expected calculations unless IoT developers create practical support frameworks for a smooth implementation and working.  Therefore, in order to remove this grave blockade that may well impede the growth of IoT technology, key IoT developers are now sitting down and producing logically precise frameworks to assist the plethora of IoT devices going out into the world.

And there is another criticality in the implementation of IoT, one that also requires practical consideration from the developers; the current series of IoT devices (especially consumer-centric) are made too inexpensive, intricate, and of course; not so secure. These issues are the key hinges in the globalization of IoT, as suggested, but the good news is that various IoT developers have started to work on fixing all loopholes IoT devices and hardware encompasses.

Because the largest portion of IoT sales will come from consumer-centric devices and solutions, it is an important area of IoT development which will continue to occupy first consideration in almost every IoT firm that is a B2C setup. The current public perception of IoT devices must need to be erased if the industry had to take its supposed leading role in the technology world.

As the CEO of Silicon Labs, Mr. Tyson Tuttle, puts it very accurately, “the consumer IoT has yet to have its “iPhone moment” when a design completely fires the public imagination.” We have every good hope that such model, product, and service will soon result as the practical days of IoT has finally arrived, and the hype is left behind.

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