The Basics of Smart Home Terminology

So, what is a smart home? Many of you might have this question ready on your lips whenever you hear the word “Smart Home.” Well, the technology is quite new so your curiosity is legitimate, coupled with the fact that there are too many things spoken off which may well confuse any layman easily. Therefore, we have created this brief piece of information for all those interested-layman who wants to get a good basic understanding of “Smart Home” terminology, and most probably how it will impact them soon in future. Smart homes are basically those abodes that have intelligently automated functionalities concerning their entire operations. But how does an automated home looks like? How do simple home products like a fridge or toaster work intelligently by themselves? Let’s explore in-depth!


Traditional homes have a variety of instruments that work separately and controlled via manual intervention by the residents. Smart homes, on the other hand, took the things to the next level of convenience and comfort for the home residents by doing things automatically and intelligently. Powered by the IoT technology, a smart home integrates and controls all of the apparatuses, in or outside of the house, via master device-controlling software. This software is the protagonist of the overall functionalities of a smart home by giving commands and making sure that all of the connected devices are obeying those commands as well. However, home automation in a smart home does not mean that everything is completely independent of a human input; the parameters on which a smart home automation system works is set by the homeowner him/herself.


Clovis Lacerda

“There are two major categories in which smart home operation lies: triggered and timed operations,” says Mr. Clovis Lacerda, founder of Parlacom Brazil, an M2M/IoT service providing company.


Triggered and timed operations sum up the entire smart home terminology. The timed-operations gives time-sensitive executions to the concerned connected devices while the triggered-operations describes the automated actions being taken by a connected device upon an external happening. Both of these major smart home’ terminology elements may sound different in written speech but they are highly inter-related to each other for a smart home to work properly. By wisely combining both elements, smart home service providers can make a smart home do almost anything with the high level of efficiency.


But understanding the terminology alone is not effective until you also know some of the major household products/operations automated and managed by IoT-powered smart home applications. These products/operations include:


HVAC -: containing such products like the Air Conditioner, Exhaust Fans, Vents, and etc.


Security -: managing products like alarms, door locks, CCTV, window locks, and even alerting concerned-authorities on a major security breach.


Multimedia -: management of all your entertainment devices around the home with just a single button.


Illumination -: management and operations concerning all kinds of lighting in, and outside, of your home.


Water-system -: this includes the management of the entire irrigation system of your home.


And there are other types of operations as well (some will be added by innovation) but the above ones are the major areas where home automation works in a smart home. Top tech-researching firms have some great predictions concerning the glorious future of the smart home industry in the world. Sooner or later, you will be adapting to this global change as well. Therefore, since now you have a basic idea of what a smart home really is, how motivated are you to accept this major change in your lifestyle? Do share your opinion with us, and share this article with others if it has been of value to you too.

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