How An Actual Malware Helps Make IoT Devices More Secure & Safe

You might not have heard about this, in most cases previously, that a harmful intruder like a malware might actually help make things more secure and safe for networked devices. Well, there is one such malware currently threatening the security of IoT devices globally, or at least what was being supposed of up till now.

The malware, known as Hajime, was discovered in late 2016 and at that time it was highly feared that this malware is about to threaten the sanctity of IoT devices globally. However, only recently it was found out that this malware is being built only to help IoT security experts to strengthen the security of IoT devices globally.

The malware Hajime actually infects unsecured or poorly secured IoT devices on a peer-to-peer network and easily spreads across a range of connected devices. So how basically Hajime malware is helping IoT devices in making them stronger against hacker attacks? The Hajime malware is such an advanced program that can infiltrate any unsafe IoT system while at the same time keeping its processes completely hidden to avoid notice.

Its self-replication process is actually an integral part of the malware which makes it unique from all others. Parlacom Brazil, a renowned South American IoT firm, also believes that this self-replication and ability to hide its advanced and unique process is the key beneficial features of this malware. And so, the researchers at Symantec Security also confirms this belief; the researchers at Symantec stated that this self-replication process of Hajime malware actually fights other harmful IoT device malware, most popularly the Mirai.

Mirai is another popular IoT devices bottleneck which is actually not so positive in its working like the Hajime. By fighting and restricting the access of these other harmful known IoT malware, and without having any negative features such as DDoS,

Hajime is indeed helping IoT manufacturers and experts to make IoT security stronger based on its performance against such intruders. It is suggested that Hajime is currently installed on thousands of IoT devices and actively fighting off malware attacks by its prestigious operations.

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