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IoT (Internet of Things): Technical and Ideological Problems

By Vladimir Malakchi, CMO

Originally published atThe Daily Hodl


IoT, as we all are mostly aware by now, is one of the most revolutionary connectivity technologies that has emerged victoriously within the heap of other technologies that have also emerged in the last two decades or so. But with its hugely beneficial impact on both the business & consumer sector, there are indeed some realistic technological & ideological problems erupted with it as well. However, the good thing is that all of these challenges pertaining to the IoT industry can be dealt with effectively by using some equally effective technological solutions.


So, our initial pick for Parlacom’s “Guest Blog of the Week” series is an article which descriptively focuses on this very same issue. Written by Vladimir Malakchi, CMO at the technologically ambitious – a team of IoT & blockchain experts – and originally published “The Daily Hodl.” Read this exciting & highly informative narrative on IoT, its problem, & concrete solutions in the official link below: