Industrial IoT: From Countryside To Our Cities

The Internet of Things is here now! This term originated in the 1990s has found its application in the 2010s, and it is successfully affecting a wide range of industries we have today. People, whenever they hear the word “IoT,” might think of something quite technically advanced that has nothing to do with their lives, not at least in contemporary times. However, the reality is far from the generic conceived notion because right from the far-flung agricultural activities in the countryside to directly our abodes in the cities, we are all being impacted from the revolution brought on by IoT technology. How? Let’s find it out!


What comes to your mind when you think of, say, dairy farms in our countryside? If you still think of those quiet and peaceful days of the Middle Ages farming then you surely are still living in the medieval times yourself. A modern-day dairy farm has become a complex network of operations which is fully commercial and seeks high-time proficiency and productivity.


Equally commercial and professional has become other areas of agriculture such as crop farming, livestock breeding, and other soil-based pursuits. It seems that this new technological revolution is going to have the same amount of impact on our lives as the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, and it is expected for the good thus far.


A very specific term has been given to that branch of IoT technology which deals with all kinds of enterprise/industrial pursuits: The Industrial Internet of Things, or shortly and appropriately known as the IIoT. Agriculturalists are now realizing the potential which IIoT has for the varied facets of the agriculture industry. For instance, talk about “Smart Farming” in which the entire ecosystem of farming has become intelligently automated, efficient, and faster.


The use of IoT-powered sensors and data transmitters has enabled farmers to get out of traditional limitations in managing, and eventually bringing out a better and much healthier crop for food manufacturers to consume. And even in the case of dairy farms, the farm owners are now realizing important role which IoT-powered data will play in the efficient management of a better farm process.


And then there is the revitalization of our cities, better known in modern form as the Smart Cities. Over here, IoT is going to play that very same role which it is playing in our countryside areas; the proliferation of all city-wide processes and the concerned departments. The smart cities, and the smart homes in which we will live (most probably), all will become automatedly smarter and intelligent in their working.


For example, joined by another powerful technology Cloud Computing, IoT will enable all crucial data to reach out to any web-enabled user device. Consider something like your home’s auto door locking system or pre-defined pattern for the access of television at home, all of which works automatically based on the preferences you have chosen for them to work upon. The same goes for the city-wide processes and functions where municipalities and waste management, just to name the two, can make the most out of IoT-powered infrastructure.


So, there is more to the story but let’s wait a while until the entire infrastructure is built and implemented because one may never realize in words what a real-time experience can teach. But surely, from the green farming pastures out in the country right down to our intelligent waste bins at home, IoT is powering and automating the world in a way we have only imagined in either Sci-Fi novels or the Hollywood films. So, get ready to experience what a real “digital” world seems like. Have any thoughts on the advent of IoT? I’ll be pleased to hear from the valued readers.