Why IoT Devices Registration is Important?

IoT device registration form

Just like the electricity which is at the core of powering every technological thing we have today, an IoT ecosystem of devices also requires one core necessity for optimal service & security: IoT device registration on a central management M2M system. The reason why? Well, that’s because of the sensitive material – that is data – proceeding from the sensitive IoT-powered devices on a huge network across wide distances. This makes securing not only the important ‘Big Data’ itself but also the devices from which it is generated. To be able to do this successfully, we need an IoT ecosystem management software which can run a variety of device registration modes & process smoothly. But before we tell you about one specific IoT/M2M device management software, let us first tell you more about why IoT device registration is important.


So, Why You Should Register Devices in Your IoT Ecosystem?


Think of this as your own ID; have you ever asked why you need it? Or why the Government requires you to have on at any cost? Well, your identity card is simply a unique identifier of you. No one can impersonate you or act as you & access privy things which only you are entitled to access if you have a verified unique identifier of yourself. Similar to this is the aim of registering an electronic device – more important if the devices are data-sensitive.

With the ever-growing connectivity networks & connected gadgets across the world, it has become obdurately important for every device in an IoT ecosystem to have its own unique identification via registration. The M2M/IoT portal of Parlacom, for instance, makes it simpler to register billions of devices in your IoT ecosystem following a very easy process; head to this Parlacom FAQ section on IoT device registration to know how you can register & secure devices in your IoT ecosystem easily.


IoT device registration form

IoT Device Registration Form in Parlacom IoT Manager


Registering a device is important not only for it to work seamlessly & securely, but it has now become a standard of IoT benchmarking for IoT gateways. Therefore, a reliable IoT ecosystem should consist of those devices that are centrally registered & have unique IDs each to make the entire ecosystem highly secure & legitimate.


But What is the Benefit of Centrally Registering a Device in an IoT Management System?


To begin with, every service or products on the internet requires a thorough encryption & security certifications, both to win the consumers trust & for proper working. By registering each device in your IoT ecosystem it will get its own SSL or TLS security standards & a personal key – the unique identifier of the device. Both of these are mandatory for verified access, authentication on a network, & device encryption.


If the IoT/M2M device manager you use has this ability to employ registration features and can easily manage a registry database, it will become quite easier to manage services pertaining to a huge array of clients/customers with authority & safety. That is how IoT devices registration can help build & grow an IoT ecosystem effectively & efficiently. If you are also seeking to secure & grow your IoT ecosystem reliably via device registration or other features, let us know your concerns & we’ll get you the right IoT/M2M infrastructure for your business by Parlacom – the recognized & fast-growing telecommunication company from Brazil, South America.

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